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Washable & Reusable Face Mask

Why we should all be wearing face masks

Social distancing, good hand hygiene and avoiding touching areas of your face remain the best ways to protect yourself and others against coronavirus. However, face masks can be a useful additional measure for the general public to keep each other protected.

From the 15th of June, face coverings are mandatory on public transport in England. This new measure has been put into place to help limit the spread of coronavirus and more individuals go back to work. Travellers could be faced with a fine or refused travel if they do not comply to the new measures being put into place.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has also announced a new guide concerning face masks, saying they should be worn at all times when in public where social distancing is not possible to help stop the spread of coronavirus. The global organisation said that new research showed that face masks effectively provide a barrier for potentially infectious droplets. While previous announcements suggested the use of masks only to people with coronavirus symptoms and the ones caring for them, the new advice is extended to all. The guidance comes after new research findings, pointing out that people can be highly infectious just a few days before showing symptoms and that some people are asymptomatic, possibly spreading the virus without knowing.

We are now lucky to be able to spend more time outdoors in parks and even meeting up with a select number of individuals from outside our household. However, we still must ensure that we follow guideline and do our very best to prevent the virus from spreading. So even if you are not feeling sick, make sure that you wear some kind of face covering to minimise the risk of those around you becoming exposed to your own respiratory emissions.

When worn correctly, masks may provide a physical protection barrier against the users’ coughs and sneezes as well as from their surroundings. While they will provide some protection against, most masks will not act as a barrier against smaller respiratory droplets or germ particles.

With many options available, it can be tricky to pick the best face mask for you. Discarded single-use face masks could be causing significant harm to the environment, so we recommend a comfortable, reusable and washable face mask.

Daylong’s non-medical reusable face masks are made from soft, skin-friendly tri-flex fabric that have effective antibacterial properties. The Silvadur technology means that the face covering can stay fresh and protected from odours. The technology is able to withstand high temperatures, extending the useful life of every treated face mask. A great reusable option for community, shopping or travel…they are washable x 50 times without losing effectiveness. You can purchase and find out more information about these reusable face masks

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