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Credenhill supplies Swiss European specification compression hosiery products direct to hospitals. As a specialist distributor, Credenhill also stocks the widest range of hosiery available on the NHS Drug Tariff. This gives the customer an unrivalled choice of brand, compression strength, style, colour and price. Products include:
  • The Venosan range of premium-quality Swiss specification medical stockings, including Venosan 5000, the first stocking to incorporate silver for its skin care benefits.
  • Credalast® drug-tariff hosiery, in both cotton and nylon, together with an extensive range of other leading brands of compression hosiery.
  • Credalast® Made-to-measure, the market leading range of Drug Tariff made to measure hosiery, and also a choice of Venosan European Specification made-to-measure garments.
  • Easy-Slide, Easy-Off and Easy-Lever, superior application and removal aids for all forms of compression hosiery.
  • The world-renowned range of Oesch instruments for vascular surgery.
Credenhill is a quality-assured company with ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 13485:2003 certification.

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Click here for product information on the new Credalast Velvet circular knit made to measure stockings

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