Credalast Velvet new addition to our range of circular knit made to measure stockings

New Credalast Velvet Circular Knit Made To Measure stockings on FP10/GP10 Credenhill, the leading suppliers of Made To Measure stockings, have launched Credalast Velvet with Tactel® Climate Effect making this the most advanced Made To Measure stocking available on FP10. The Velvety touch of the Tactel® microfibres offers outstanding comfort and wicks away moisture and improves air permeability helping to keep the wearer cool and comfortable all day. We now offer the widest range of Made to Measure circular knit stockings available, with two ranges, the traditional Credalast Classic and the new Credalast Velvet, all supplied within 5 working days. For more information please contact Credenhill by email, or call Freephone 0800 195 0650.

Product Information


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