Venosan 4000

The design of Venosan 4000 involves an ingenious ‘sandwich’ construction. It was the first stocking in the world to be awarded the Tactel climate-effect label.

Breathable fabric – the Tactel climate effect ensures excellent comfort. Stretch – the stocking is easily put on and fit.

Prescription consistency – fine, soft grip and elegant appearance.

Three good reasons for you and your patients to use the Venosan 4000 range:

Better air permeability
  • More comfortable to wear
Better elasticity
  • Easier to put on
More practical
  • Only 4 sizes

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    0800 195 0650 or 0115 932 0144
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Click here to open the Venosan 4000 Brochure and Size Chart or click on the image to download it.

Product Information


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