The Venosan 7000 has been designed as one of the most advanced stockings in the world available to treat Chronic Oedema due to its compression and stiffness qualities, combined with the benefits of the fibres including SeaCell® active technology. RAL Compression Class 3, 34-46mmHg

Short Stretch = High Stiffness = Major Effect

Stiffness Index refers to the resistance or stretch of hosiery when a limb tries to expand within it. A stiff garment expands minimally and so combats the oedema. Stiffness is a key component of the Venosan 7000 ability to manage oedema providing the following oedema management advantages:

  • Higher class compression to the demanding RAL standard class 2 (23-32 mm Hg) and class 3(34-46 mm Hg) to meet a range of Oedema and Lymphoedema conditions.
  • Designed with a high stiffness index i.e. low pliability of the stocking (similar to that of a short stretch bandage) which is associated with a more pronounced reduction in venous reflux and a pronounced massage effect resulting in an improved reduction in swelling.
  • Thicker fabric composition reduces risk of gathering in small folds.

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